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  1. French Ombre - JamPops
    $18.99 Retail
    $14.95 W/S

    Enhance your nails with this gorgeous instant manicure set. JamPops apply in minutes and are fully customizable by clipping and filing to desired length and shape (if needed). They can last up to 2 weeks and are reusable with gentle wear. Both Self-adhesive tabs and liquid nail glue are included, giving you application options. JamPops can even be topped with your other favorite Jamberry products.

    Included in your kit:

    • 24 nails- 12 sizes
    • Self-adhesive nail tabs
    • Liquid nail glue
    • Cuticle stick, file and alcohol wipe
  2. Secret Garden - Nail Wrap
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    This mixed mani is a fun combination of florals and geometric shapes that sparkles. Sparkle finish. Tag us #jamberrynailwraps.

  3. Jam Con - Nail Wrap
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    Blocks of mint green, white, and gold combine for a design that is classic and eye-catching. Sparkle finish. Tag us #jamberrynailwraps.

  4. Enchantment - Nail Wrap
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    A stunning geometric design with purple, white, and gold for a fun international look. Satin finish. Tag us #jamberrynailwraps.

4 Items