Pretty In Pink Holiday Bundle

$60.99 $88.97 Retail
$49.00 $70.85 W/S

Show off a Pretty in Pink look with our beautiful blush and bronzer set. This Bundle provides you with beautiful bronzer and blush set plus, a set of our brand-new JamPops™.

The Pretty in Pink Bundle includes:

Vivid 5g Pressed Blush
Fearless 5g Pressed Bronzer
Mauve Over JamPops

SKU : USYG20322

Who’s it for: Anyone who enjoys beautiful makeup and nails.

What it does: Provides you with a set of bronzer and blush to create a beautiful aspect plus JamPops™ nail set.

What’s included:

Vivid 5g Pressed Blush (Rosy red)

Fearless 5g Pressed Bronzer (light warm matte)

Muave Over JamPops™