Your True Value Eyeshadow Collection

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Your True Value Eyeshadow Collection includes green and brown earthy tones.Collections Includes:Amazing(Golden vanilla) .8gRemarkable (Olive green) .8gWorthy (Golden brown) .8gBrilliant (sage green) .8glook book
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Each eyeshadow collection gives you the option to go soft and sweet or Smokey and sultry. With six fun collections, you have plentiful choices to choose from. 


  • Sweep the lightest shade across your entire eyelid from lash to brow using a fluffy eye brush.

  • Use an eye crease brush to apply one of the medium shades to the lower lid, blending up to the crease.

  • Use your darkest color as a liner and apply along your lash line with an angled brush. For a long-lasting look, dampen your brush before applying shadow.

Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide. Some colors may contain sericite, kaolin clay, ultramarine blue, silica, zinc oxide, ferric ferrocyanide, or manganese violet.